1. Imitating an identity as a GM or using a nickname such as "GM '", "ADMIN", "VASY" etc. is strictly prohibited. Also if my nickname only contains the letters "i" or "l" then my name will be changed to randome one.

2. Sending Trade messages in any chat other than Trade Chat is prohibited. Violating this rule could be the basis of Permanent Prohibition.

3. Setting Nuke inside Core, Placing Watchtower, Killing players after HolyStone Keeper is safe Banned.

4. Transfusion of certain points Prohibited and may be the basis for the Permanent Prohibition.

5. Elon selected is required to participate in at least 1 Chip War every day. Note also, getting an HMS Scanner does not equate it as "FASTENESS" in the Chip War. If the selected Archon is not active, the race has a 24-hour staff. Inactive CPT Archons will be reduced to 0.

6. Using Chaos Potion during the War Chip must be very careful. If Archons uses it for PK-ing, this action will result in Permanent Prohibition.

7. English, Indonesian, Tagalog, Portuguese, Malay, Thai Notified on every map included in any chats except WHITE NORMAL CHAT, WHOLE CHAT, and Race Chat. For Normal White Chat, Whole Chat, and Race Chat Please use English as an International Language. Please respect other players from different countries.

8. NEVER insult GM or treat it inappropriately. GM is not an employee, they work for free and deserve respect.

9. Using Third Party Programs such as BOTS, CHEATS, MEMORY EDITORS, TRAINING or similar ones that affect strict playback are NOT LIMITED. It also includes editing your clients to give you an edge. Hacking and cheating in any way will result in a Permanent Ban.

10. Entrance when attacked (FORCE LOG-OUT) is Prohibited.

11. Passing a field where you can not hit back (TERRAIN GLITCH) Prohibited.

12. Do not talk bad about Server and Staff. For comments and suggestions, please go directly to Staff.

13. Other Website Advertising, Game and Server in-game and in our game or Official Facebook group page are strictly prohibited.

14. RMT (Real \ Money Trading) using In-Game chat is strictly prohibited. However, We allow RMT as long as it is done in a PRIVATE negotiation (Direct Negotiation between 2 persons) or Using our Facebook Sell and Group Buying Group. Still, if you get scammed for not using our forum Forum and Facebook. Admin / GM / Staff is not responsible. RMT is considered risky. Violating this rule will result in permanent tires.

15. You are responsible for your account. Giving your account info to "PILOTS" or "FRIENDS" is your RISK. If they change password or sell your goods, otherwise it will be taken or replaced. If they hack or violate the rules while using your account, it will be prohibited by the rules.

16. Insulting other players with offensive language is the reason for Ban 3 DAYS

17. You need to remember the password from your account, write it down on paper and keep it in a safe place. Restoring your passwords is possible if you follow the rules.

18. Guild must be active in game (CW, PB hunting, PVP). GvG should be a real fight between two guilds and union members standing only in the GvG area (this is called "FAKE GvG"). Doing "FAKE GvG" is strictly prohibited. Your CPT will be deleted and this could be the reason for permanent tires.

19. Goods lost during termination, server malfunction, errors will not be replaced under any circumstances.

20. Along with being responsible for your own account, when creating your account, "MAKE SURE YOU USE EMAIL VALID ADDRESS". This is the only way we will help you get lost / forgotten login / password only via email only, so if you use fake email, forget your password, you just managed to lock yourself out of your account FOREVER.

21. Do not use non-latin characters or num or alt code characters in your ingame name. Examples: '³', 'Ç', 'Ž', 'œ', '½', etc. Your character will be renamed, if we catch you again with the same name, if you do it again, you will be banned permanently

22. Do not refuse to pay for donations. Instant IP Tire.


24. Lastly, Do not try to confuse the Server in any way. You will be banned immediately.

Do not know the rules will never be an excuse not to follow them.

WARNING depends on GM consideration and is not mandatory. You can face an immediate ban if your actions cancel it.

The rules displayed may change at any time without prior notice depending on the situation.